Drugs and cultures, international conference, Paris, 2008

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Over the course of the last decades the description of the drug phenomenon has developed considerably; but there still remains a long way to go to explain the great variability of patterns of use and the ways of apprehending them.

Therefore, the French monitoring centre for drugs and drug addiction and the Public Health Chair at Sciences Po decided to gather researchers in human and social sciences in order to study the interrelationship between drugs and cultures.

Is there a link between drugs, their effects and the social imaginative world of contemporary culture?
Is it possible to identify populations of users gathered around a subculture linked with their consumption?
Which judgement criteria currently dominate thinking on drug phenomenon?
How do those criteria influence the regulation policies adopted?

During a three days conference from Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 December 2008 on the premises of Sciences Po, Paris, France, these major themes formed the backbone of the debates which highlighted an international and historical perspective.

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The programme and the abstracts are available in PDF format.

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