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Henri Bergeron
Research Fellow - CSO CNRS-Scientific coordinator of the Chair in Health Studies - Sciences Po (Vice-Chairman)

Jean-Michel Costes
OFDT Director (Chairman)

Pr. Sylvain Dally
University Professor (Paris Diderot ) and Hospital MD (Fernand Widal) - Chair of the OFDT Scientific Committee

Alain Epelboin
Research fellow CNRS, anthropologist, physician - MNHN - Member of the OFDT Scientific Committee

Didier Lapeyronnie
Professeur in sociology - Université Paris Sorbonne

Maitena Milhet
Sociologist, OFDT (Scientific Coordination)

Patrick Peretti-Watel
Sociologist Inserm ORS Paca - Member of the OFDT Scientific Committee

Daniel Sansfaçon
Director, Policy, Research and Evaluation, National Crime Prevention Centre, Canada

Patrick Sansoy
AP-HP / Research department MILDT

Dominique Vuillaume
Inserm / Research department MILDT

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